Fan Nominates Colin Kaepernick to the Hall of Fame

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SJ - September 3, 2020

Colin Kaepernick haters aren't going to like this...

A fan discovered that anyone can nominate players, coaches, or contributors to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.  All they have to do is write a letter.

So in June Bob Birkett, a retiree from Vermont, wrote a letter nominating Colin Kaepernick.  He asked that the former quarterback be inducted as a Contributor for calling attention to police brutality.

From BroBible:

“It is my pleasure, privilege, and responsibility as a supporter of racial equality to nominate Mr. Colin Kaepernick,” Birkett wrote. “Mr Kaepernick has shown exceptional courage in highlighting the damaging effects of racial injustice on Black people and on our society as a whole. His respectful kneeling posture has created a powerful symbol for those who are oppressed by our society.”

He’s gotten a raw deal for so long,” Birkett told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s a little bit like (Muhammad Ali refusing to serve in Vietnam). The initial reaction was, ‘Holy cow what a horrible thing.’ Then a little while later, it’s like, ‘Man, that guy had some guts.’ ”

You think, ‘What can I do?’ ” Birkett continued. “I can’t force an owner to hire the guy. But darn it! I can put him in the Hall of Fame.”

If you were hoping for Kaepernick to be inducted and to watch people's heads explode with outrage you're going to have to wait.  Kap hasn't been out of the league long enough to be inducted to the hall of fame.

You can expect the Pro Football Hall Of Fame to flooded with letters now that this little secret is out.