Former Jaguars Exec Tom Coughlin Spent a Night in the Hospital After a Bike Accident

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SJ - July 31, 2020

Tom Coughlin spent a night in the hospital after a bike accident with a man on a racing bike.

The 73-year-old former Giants head coach and Jaguars executive fractured his ribs and punctured his lung in the accident.

Don't worry he'll be just fine.

From ESPN:

Another man on a racing bike, in the words of Coughlin, "comes out of nowhere and clips the front of my bike." Coughlin, who was Jacksonville's first head coach and general manager, said he thought he was aware of his surroundings, until being blindsided.

Coughlin, 73, first went home before his family convinced him to go to the Baptist Health emergency room, where he underwent X-rays and a CT scan. Doctors told Coughlin he faces a four- to six-week recovery.

The best part of this story, after the fact that he's going to be okay of course, is that he went home first and had to be convinced by his family to go to the hospital.

They don't make many like Tom Coughlin these days.


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