FOX Sports’ Reggie Bush Thinks Trump is Faking Testing Positive for COVID-19

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SJ - October 2, 2020

FOX Sports College Football analyst and former NFL player Reggie Bush has some interesting thoughts on President Trump testing positive for COVID-19.  He isn't buying it for one minute.

Bush took to Twitter on Friday morning and questioned the timing of Trump's positive test.  He thinks Trump is looking for attention and blamed his debate performance, "now you conveniently catch COVID after that disastrous debate?"

He went on to say that it was all a game and a reality show, "that’s what reality tv stars do they keep the attention on them at all costs."

This isn't the first time someone who has taken a ton of shots to the head has floated conspiracy theories.  I'm not saying he's wrong, all of what he's saying could be true.

What I am saying is don't take too much stock in what a guy who used to get hit in the head for a living has to say.  Maybe find a couple of other sources who haven't had a ton of brain trauma.


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