Georgia Tech’s Basketball Team Celebrates Road Win by Smashing a Coronavirus Piñata

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SJ - December 10, 2020

Georgia Tech Basketball celebrated a road win yesterday in the most 2020 way possible.  They smashed a coronavirus shaped piñata in the locker room after defeating Nebraska 75-64.

Head coach Josh Pastner came up with the idea as a way to keep their road win tradition alive.  The Yellow Jackets load up on gas station candy after road wins.

It isn't gas station candy, but it will due in the age of COVID-19.

This is what makes Josh Pastner, Josh Pastner.  He's going to find a way to celebrate road wins during a pandemic.

If this gets Georgia Tech to win more games on the road you better believe there will be more piñatas in the locker room.  We could all use more piñatas and more Josh Pastner.