German Soccer Player Goes Into the Stands to Confront a Fan Who Made a Comment About His Wife and Unborn Child

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SJ - September 15, 2020

Following Hamburg's 4-1 loss to Dynamo Dresden on Monday Hamburg defender Toni Leistner went into the stands to confront a fan.  According to reports the fans were heckling Leistner during an interview when the man he confronted allegedly crossed the line.

Here's Leistner making his way into the stands to put his hands on the fan.

And here's what the fan allegedly said to him.

Now if that's really what the fan said to Leistner then he didn't do nearly enough to the guy.  Grabbing his shirt and pushing him down isn't doesn't fit the alleged crime.

He already went into the stands and he already made physical contact with the fan.  He should have at least taken one punch at the guy, assuming of course that the fan said he hoped his pregnant wife loses her baby.