Gracie Hunt Shows Off the Results of a Summer Spent in the Gym

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SJ - August 23, 2020

Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt planned to hit the gym hard this summer and did just that.  Now that her time at the Jean-Robert's Gym has come to an end, she's showing off the results.

If you liked the old Gracie Hunt then you're going to love the new and improved version.  She's a stronger version of the blonde we've all come to love.

That's the kind of leadership you want out of the owner's box in Kansas City.  Being a smoking hot blonde beauty isn't enough, she's out here stepping up her game.

Just like being the Super Bowl champs isn't enough, it's time to get ready for a run at another one.  Big things are coming to the Chiefs Kingdom.

The Hunt's don't do things half-assed.