Hailey Clauson’s Braless Show of Support for the Packers Wasn’t Enough

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SJ - January 25, 2021

Model and Packers fan Hailey Clauson showed support for her team prior to the NFC Championship game.  She did so with a braless cropped cami look.

Unfortunately for Hailey and Packers fans everywhere, her strong show of support wasn't strong enough to beat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

If you can't win a game with this level of support it's just not meant to be.  Hailey was simply more prepared for the NFC Championship game than the Packers were.

It's sad we're not going to get more of this from Hailey for the Super Bowl.  It's the only thing that's upsetting about the Packers loss.

I have faith in Camille and company to come through for the big game.


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