Hockey Broadcaster Mike Milbury’s Comments on Women in the NHL Bubble Has People Pissed

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SJ - August 21, 2020

NHL on NBC's Mike Milbury is known for saying stupid things before, after and during games.  On Thursday he pissed off a lot of people with a comment about women in the NHL Bubble.

Millbury and his broadcasting partner John Forslund were discussing what a "terrific environment" the NHL Bubble is for focusing on hockey.

Forslund said, "If you think about it, it’s a terrific environment with regard to... if you enjoy playing and enjoy being with your teammates for long periods of time, it’s a perfect place."

Milbury added, "Not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration."

People were not happy with Milbury.  Was it a stupid comment?  Absolutely, but if you're looking to a 68-year-old man who played 12 seasons in the NHL to provide any sort of clear thoughts on any subject, you're looking in the wrong place.

The man has definitely had his fair share of shots to the head.  To say he's not among our greatest thinkers would be an understatement.

He should probably be at home yelling these things to his family in the basement.