IG Model Bri Teresi Sinks a Hole in One in a Bikini

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SJ - January 23, 2021

Instagram model Bri Teresi teamed up with street artist Mister George for a little social media collaboration.  The two ended up making a little golf art on TikTok.

Bri sunk a "hole in one" on a balcony in a bikini.  That's what I call an impressive short game.

@arttoksmrgShooting my shot into 2021 ⛳🎨 @briteresi0 ##Welcome2021 ##fyp ##rareaesthetic ##bye2020♬ Plastic - Unghetto Mathieu

I'm no expert, but if that's not art I truly don't know what is.  Bri thonged up on the gram is almost gallery worthy.

I say almost because I realize it's not quite to the level of the banana duct taped to the wall.  She'll get there one day.


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