Instagram Golfer Hannah Leiner Skillfully Uses Her Boobs to Help Sink Trick Shot Putt

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SJ - July 15, 2020

Former FIU golfer Hannah Leiner has gone full Instagram model golfer.  What exactly does that mean?  That means she's turned up the sexiness of her golf content a few notches since ending her college career.  Although to be fair to her, she's been bringing it for a while now.

Hannah, who is dating Jets rookie quarterback James Morgan, dropped some of that new content on Wednesday.  In a video she made for TikTok, Hannah skillfully uses her boobs to help sink a trick shot putt.

It most definitely counts as a trick shot.  My only question is, does it count as one stroke?

The golfing world needs to embrace this kind of content and share it with the world.  It's the only way to get more eyeballs on the sport.  The Instagram golfers can reach far more people than the traditional ways of growing a sport.

I'm not a big golf guy, but I'm a big Instagram golf guy.


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