Instagram Golfer Karin Hart Provides an Update on Whether or Not She’s Joined OnlyFans

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SJ - November 6, 2020

She hasn't, at least not yet...

Karin Hart took to Instagram in a bikini on Friday to announce that she doesn't have an OnlyFans.  The caption added that she has many fans.

"I don’t have only fans, I have many."

The post announcing that she wasn't on OnlyFans seemingly came out of nowhere.  I can only assume that she's been asked a few times to join the subscription based platform.


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I don’t have only fans, I have many.

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she's leaving quite a bit of money on the table by not joining OnlyFans.  Her comments on the post seem to indicate that she's just fine with that.

She could have a change of heart one day, but I wouldn't count on that being anytime soon.