Instagram Model Caitlin Sorensen Played Some Golf With Very Little On

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SJ - January 14, 2021

Instagram model and Egotastic Sports Hottie of the Day alum, Caitlin Sorensen, played some golf in her "office" with very little on.  Well she pulled out her putting green and stripped down to her g-string anyway.

Caitlin also teased in the caption that there is some more golf content on her OnlyFans.  Now I haven't seen this OnlyFans content, but judging from the fire she drops on the gram on a regular basis, it likely delivers.


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Instagram Golf loves this kind of content and how could they not?  It combines the sport they love with a very good looking model.  There's nothing not to like about it.

As I said Caitlin brings her A game on a daily basis.  If you're not following her, and you're into this kind of content, then you should be!