Instagram Model Calls Herself Out for Blowing Her Shot With Heat Guard Tyler Herro

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SJ - December 1, 2020

Earlier this year Tyler Herro was a little known Heat rookie looking for a girlfriend in the DMs.  He would make a name for himself by landing Instagram model Katya Elise Henry and putting up some strong performances in the bubble.

That fact has some of the other Instagram models he reached out to before he started dating Katya kicking themselves.  One of those IG models called herself out for blowing her shot with the Heat guard.

Her name is Kayla Rivera and she has a message for the ladies out there so they don't make the same mistake she did.

She fumbled the shit out of the bag.  Herro has a type and Kayla could very easily be sitting where Katya is right now.  Something tells me she'll be just fine.  I'm going to bet her DMs are a disaster right now.

(h/t Total Pro Sports)