Instagram Model Claims Tyler Herro Tried to Slide into Her DMs

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SJ - October 7, 2020

Tyler Herro is currently in the NBA's Disney Bubble with his girlfriend Katya Elise Henry trying to upset the Lakers in the Finals.  The Heat rookie has had an incredible run on and off the court.

The incredible run might be coming to an end.  Not only are the Heat now down three games to one in the series, but an Instagram model has come out saying that he attempted to slide into her DMs.

Brooke Miranda, @brookelewisss, shared a screenshot of a DM he sent her on her Instagram story.  She captioned the post, "you can have a katya & still not be loyal lmfaoo."

From Gossip of the City:

Herro might be a bucket, but even the best shooter misses sometimes.  Another life lesson for the 20-year-old is that the hottest of hot streaks come to an end as well.

Herro definitely has a type...


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