Instagram Model Claudianne Godbout Misses Attending Games

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SJ - September 16, 2020

Instagram model Claudianne Godbout, once dubbed Toronto's hottest CPA, is a big sports fan.  On Wednesday she admitted that like most fans she's missing attending games.

I'm going to bet that the games miss her too.  Much like there's nothing like attending games in person, there's probably nothing like seeing Claudianne in person as well.


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Who else miss going to sport games? 👀😈

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For now fans will have to settle with watching most games on TV without fans in attendance.  Fans, and probably some athletes, will have to settle with Instagram to keep up with Claudianne.

It's not exactly the same thing, but I'm confident we'll all eventually be back to our normal activities which means we'll be punching each other and getting blackout drunk in the stands very soon.