Instagram Model Exposes Scottie Pippen for Sliding into Her DMs, Larsa Responds

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SJ - December 5, 2020

Things are getting messy on the social media streets.  Just days after his ex, Larsa Pippen, was spotted out with Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley, an Instagram model exposed Scottie for sliding into her DMs.

Scottie received some support from an unexpected source.  Larsa responded to the Adrianna Brown, the Instagram model who exposed him, and called the move "lame."

From WAGs Tea After Dark:

Larsa isn't going to have anyone else make Scottie look bad.  That's her job and she doesn't need any help, thank you very much.

Brown didn't just let it go and had an insult of her own for Larsa.

This is exactly the kind of shit Al Gore hoped the internet would be used for when he created it.  Women competing over who can make a former NBA star look worse.  I love it.  Thank you Al Gore.