Instagram Model Morgan Kachenmeister Knows How to Spin a Football

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SJ - April 28, 2020

Instagram fitness model Morgan Kachenmeister is getting a lot of attention lately for her ability to throw a football.  Sure her other non-football related content is pretty good too, but in a time with no sports her videos will more than suffice.

Morgan first made a name for herself a couple of weeks ago when a video of her throwing deep passes went viral.  She followed that incredible football content up with a video of her showing off her deep ball in a bikini.


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->>Alright.. so maybe I over threw it this time around 😅 + super down hill so keep it to yourself this is just for fun 😂

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It's one thing to be hot, it's another thing to be hot and have a rocket for an arm.  She's perfect.


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