Instagram Model Who Hooked Up With the Suns is Banking Some Serious Money on OnlyFans

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SJ - August 19, 2020

Instagram model Ayyyejae, who told a wild story about hooking up with seven Suns players in the same night, is cashing in on her viral attention.  She is banking some serious money thanks to her OnlyFans.

According to Ayyyejae, she jumped up to $22,000 in one day, then over $30,000.  Her latest count last night was over $46,000.  Not a bad day's worth of work for telling a story about hooking up the NBA players.

Who said your dreams can't come true?  If you have a story about sucking off half of an NBA roster and have an OnlyFans account there's good money to be made and you're leaving it on the table by keeping those stories to yourself.

The internet loves a good groupie story.  Get out there and spill it ladies.