It’s Joe Flacco Time for the Jets

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SJ - October 7, 2020

People better start putting some respect on Joe Flacco's name.  Against all odds he appears to be getting another start in the NFL.

After a brief appearance in Thursday night's shit show against the Broncos (he went 2-of-2 for 16 yards, pretty elite), Flacco is expected to start for the Jets.

Starter Sam Darnold has been sidelined with an injured shoulder.

It's fun any time we get a Joe Flacco sighting, but the reality is he's a 35-year-old quarterback coming off of neck surgery who isn't close to the guy who won a Super Bowl with the Ravens.

As bad as the Jets have looked this season with Sam Darnold, something tells me they're going to look a hundred times worse with Flacco running things.


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