J.R. Smith Beat the Shit Out of a White Boy Who Broke His Truck Window During Protests in Los Angeles

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SJ - June 1, 2020

Free agent J.R. Smith was in Los Angeles this weekend hanging out with Lakers stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Riots broke out this weekend in the city and at one point rioters made their way into a neighborhood.  One of the rioters made the mistake of breaking out the window of Smith's truck.

Smith didn't call the cops or file a police report, he took matters in his own hands and beat the shit out the troublemaker.

After beating the rioter, Smith dropped a video explaining what happened.  As Smith tells it, he chased down and whooped the little white boy's ass for breaking his window.

This punk messed with the wrong truck in the wrong neighborhood.  He obviously wasn't there to honor anyone's memory and got a little street justice as a result.


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