Jackie MacMullan Said She Once Told Kyrie Irving He Was the Property of an NBA Owner

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SJ - January 14, 2021

ESPN's Jackie MacMullan is catching heat for some comments she made about Kyrie Irving.  During an appearance on "The Ryen Russillo Podcast," she said she once told the Nets star that NBA players were the property of the owners.

"One of them I had, I don’t know, two years ago, we got into an argument about, you know, something.  And he’s like, 'Well there shouldn’t be an NBA draft.  Players should be able to go wherever they want to go.  We’re not, you know, someone's property.'  And I’m like, yeah you are dude.  That’s the way it works."

Holy shit man you have to be kidding me.  The biggest moron on the planet knows better than to say that NBA players are the property of the owners.

The reason for the draft is to hopefully level the playing field and to keep one team from signing all of the best players and ruining the league.  Team owners don't own the players, they own the team.

When a player is drafted the team owns the rights of that player to sign with a team.  Some people might argue that there isn't a difference, but there is.  Players don't have to sign with the team that drafts them.

Jackie's definitely feeling the heat for these idiotic comments.


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