Jared Goff Enjoyed Beating the Seahawks After They Celebrated Winning the Division Week 16

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SJ - January 10, 2021

Jared Goff entered Saturday's game not expecting to see the field.  Backup John Wolford got the start but was forced to leave the game with a neck injury springing him into action.

Goff, who suffered a broken thumb during Week 16's loss to Seahawks, exacted some revenge on Saturday.  He didn't light it up, but he didn't give the game away either.

After booting the Seahawks out of the playoffs, Goff admitted that it felt good to beat them after they celebrated winning the division in Week 16 after beating the Rams.

Goff used his broken thumb to hitchhike and ride the Rams defense to a playoff win.  Can they carry him to another playoff win?  Time will tell.