Jerry Rice Shared a Video of Himself and His Wife Dancing in Bed on TikTok

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SJ - July 23, 2020

NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice shared the perfect video on TikTok.  In the video the legend and his wife Latisha Pelayo are dancing in bed in their underwear.

There's nothing like the joy of being a newlywed, although these two have been together for a decade plus.  Still you can see these two still enjoy each other's company in bed.

This is either a post "event" celebratory dance (and by "event" I mean sex) or some sort of weird ass foreplay.  The video is also the perfect TikTok for anyone with great hands and a smoking hot wife.

That might limit who can pull this off, but to be fair to everyone I don't think the great hands are a requirement.


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