Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez Spotted Hanging Out This Weekend in New York

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SJ - November 16, 2020

Jimmy Butler is feeling himself after leading the Heat to the Finals in the NBA's Disney Bubble.  After a relaxing yacht vacation with his baby momma Kaitlin Nowak, he was spotted with Selena Gomez this weekend.

Yes, that Selena Gomez.  The two were spotted, on what was assumed to be a date by the witness, at Lucien in New York.  They were also spotted by another witness in the next day in Bronxville.

The source of the gossip is the pop culture curators Deuxmoi:

This is wild if they were on a legit date.  Talk about going from an unknown in his baby momma to worldwide superstar.  That Heat's Finals run might have just changed the game for Butler.


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