Joe Burrow Takes His First Steps Since He Suffered a Season Ending Knee Injury

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SJ - December 26, 2020

Joe Burrow's road to recovery took a few big steps forward on Friday.  The Bengals rookie, who had his first NFL season ended early, took his first steps since suffering the season ending knee injury.

That's great news for the Bengals, who are hopeful Burrow will be ready to go at the beginning of next season.  From the looks of it he isn't ready to walk with shoes on yet, but it's a good first step.

If Cincinnati doesn't improve their offensive line it won't matter if Burrow is ready to go Week 1, because he won't make it to Week 17.

The Bengals still have a lot of issues to fix if they want to compete next season.  The offensive line is on the top of that list.