Judge Orders Robert Kraft Massage Parlor Videos to Be Destroyed

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SJ - January 26, 2021

A Florida judge ordered last week the destruction of videos that show Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others at a massage parlor.

The surveillance video taken of the massage parlor by the Jupiter police was deemed to be unlawful.

From Sun-Sentinel:

U.S. District Judge Rodolfo A. Ruiz II on Friday ruled that the videos of Kraft and the others must be wiped from existence, because the Jupiter police surveillance was deemed unlawful. Kraft had feared the tapes of him in the nude would be publicized on the internet.

The unopposed order — which does not cite Kraft by name — comes four months after Palm Beach County prosecutors grudgingly threw out two misdemeanor counts against Kraft, ending a high-profile case that more broadly touched on the privacy rights of Americans.

This is a video I can tell you I'm very glad never made its way onto the internet.  Nobody needs to see an elderly man get a massage.

Losing Tom Brady and watching him take the Buccaneers to the playoffs is punishment enough for the alleged "crime."


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