Julianne Hough Went for a Booty Shaking Bike Ride

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SJ - August 27, 2020

First Julianne Hough dropped a thirst trap on all of Instagram and now this.  On Thursday she shared a video of herself shaking her booty on what has to be one of the hottest bike rides in the history of bike rides.

Single Julianne might be my favorite Julianne.  For the sake of being able to loosely link her to sports I hope she eventually chases another jersey.


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Booty biking 🍑🚲

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Who knows maybe "Booty biking" will become a sport.  There are worse sports that have been invented.

Booty biking is a sport that wouldn't be hard to market.  I'm not sure how it would be scored, but I do know Julianne is really good at it.