Kevin Durant Followed a Podcaster’s Girlfriend and Liked All of Her Pics Because the Podcaster Talked Shit About Him

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SJ - August 10, 2020

If you thought Kevin Durant's time away from basketball has helped him develop thick skin you couldn't be further from the truth.  He's as thin-skinned as ever.

The NBA superstar spent his weekend mixing it up with a podcaster on Twitter.  Zee, The Creator shared her podcast talking shit about KD and he decided it was a good idea to respond.

KD didn't stop there.  He decided to follow the podcaster's girlfriend and like all of her pictures too.  The girlfriend responded by blocking him.

It might be time for KD to get some counseling or put the phone down.  It's crazy that a random podcast gets under his skin for talking shit about him.

On the other hand he shouldn't get counseling or put his phone down until I start a podcast.  I'll just need to start talking shit about him and I'll have at least one guaranteed listener.