Kiki Passo Hanging Out Poolside in Miami

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SJ - July 22, 2020

Let me start out by saying that I have no idea if smokeshow Kiki Passo is still dating Miami's Tate Martell or not, but I hope so.  That way I can, even if it's loosely, tie her to sports.

Kiki's not just hot, she's Miami hot.  So until I get confirmation that she and Martell have called it quits, I'm going to follow and I'm going to blog my ass off about her.

When you see the pictures of her hanging out poolside in Miami, you're going to understand why I want her linked to sports so much.


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My fingers are crossed that she's still the Miami Hurricanes No. 1 fan and that we have College Football in the fall this year, like Americans.


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