Kirk Herbstreit Has the Softest Reaction to the Mississippi State and Tulsa Brawl

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SJ - January 1, 2021

Everyone has seen the fight that took place between Mississippi State and Tulsa after the Armed Forces Bowl on New Year's Eve.  Not everyone has had the reaction to it that ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit has.

I don't think he cried, but he probably wanted to.  Herbstreit shared his feelings on Friday's College GameDay.

He not only wants College Football to discipline the two schools, he wants them to ban players from doing pregame warm-ups shirtless.

From 247 Sports:

"I think we all agree this is an embarrassment not only for these two teams but for college football,” Herbstreit said. “We see this more and more in college fooball ... coming out in pregame without a shirt on. That needs to be banned in college football. That's just not coming out with your shirts off. That's sending a message to your opponent. I remember Penn State vs. Ohio State a year ago, it adds to the chippiness of the game ... To this level where the police are coming in and people need to be arrested, there needs to be consequences not just to send a message to the coaches and players, but for the entire country, that this will not be tolerated. I hope that the powers to be would drop some serious fines on coaches and drop some suspensions on players."

What the fuck is he talking about?  Does he want pregame warm-ups done in a suit and tie?  How about we remove all the physical contact from the sport too?  That would probably reduce the fighting too.

Can we stop pretending this isn't an extremely violent sport?  Sometimes people have a hard time controlling their emotions when violence is involved.  They're not golfing for god's sake.