Kourtney Kellar Uses Her Basketballs to Let Us Know the Nuggets Have a Game

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SJ - February 17, 2021

Talk about a game day outfit...

Model and girlfriend of Nuggets forward Isaiah Hartenstein, Kourtney Kellar, took to Instagram to let everyone know that the team has a game tonight.  She did so by putting her own basketballs front and center.


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The Nuggets might want to consider hiring Kourtney to make all of their schedule announcements.  It would certainly bring some much needed attention to their games.

I don't know how the Nuggets are fairing as far as viewership is concerned, but the last I heard was the NBA was struggling to get eyeballs.  I would imagine Denver is facing similar issues.

Throw a bunch of money Kourtney's way and let her bring in the eyeballs with her unique delivery.


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