Kyle Lowry Gave Aaron Gordon His Room Number After a Hard Foul

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SJ - August 6, 2020

Things got a little heated on Wednesday night after a hard foul by the Raptors' Kyle Lowry on Magic star Aaron Gordon.  The foul caused Gordon to land awkwardly and grab his hamstring.

Gordon would later leave the game with hamstring tightness, but not before calling Lowry a bitch for the dirty foul.  Lowry responded to the insult by giving Gordon his room number.

I assume Lowry gave Gordon his room number so they could handle things with their fists if they wanted.  But it is 2020 and some NBA players carry purses now so who knows?

I'm kidding of course.

I know Lowry wanted to swing on Gordon for calling him a bitch, but he kind of is one for that foul.  That's about as unnecessary as a foul can get.