Lamar Jackson Denies Leaving Monday Night’s Game to Poop

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SJ - December 15, 2020

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was forced to leave Monday night's win over the Browns with "cramps."  The cramps and Jackson's jog to the locker room had social media believing that he had to take a shit.

Backup quarterback Trace McSorely kept Baltimore in the game while Jackson took care of business.  Unfortunately for Trace, he may have torn his ACL keeping the seat warm for Jackson.

Incredibly Jackson's cramps were gone and he made his way back to the Ravens bench as McSorely was down on the turf with a knee injury.

Jackson would pickup where he left off before his "cramps" hit and lead the Ravens to the big win.  After the game he denied pulling a Paul Pierce poop game move.

Props to the member of the media who asked if Jackson pulled a Paul Pierce.  Finally someone willing to ask the important questions like, "did you really have cramps or did you just need to take a shit?"