LeBron James Calls Out Washington Examiner Intern for Using Protests for an Instagram Photo Op

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SJ - June 2, 2020

A woman was caught on camera in Los Angeles pretending to help board up a business to prevent looters.  She held a power tool while having her boyfriend snap a picture before hopping into a Mercedes-Benz and driving away.

Bystanders took noticed and mocked the couple for their fake activism.  It was later revealed that the woman was Washington Examiner intern Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin.

The woman’s identity was confirmed by New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz as Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, an intern with the Washington Examiner.

In the video, after posing with the construction worker, she hands him back his power tool and says, “Thank you so much” before walking away. A bystander can be heard saying afterward, referring to the young man standing on the sidewalk taking her photo, “Boyfriends of Instagram!”

As Moriarty-McLaughlin and her boyfriend hop into a black Mercedes-Benz to quickly leave, as they were parked in a red zone, the bystander yells, “Good job, you guys! BLM!”

Lakers star LeBron James saw the video of Fiona's fake activism, which quickly went viral on social media, and he called her out on Twitter.  He was less than amused by her little stunt.

Once Twitter caught wind of who she is and her Twitter handle, Fiona quickly had to deactivate her account.  I'm assuming she did the same with her Instagram account because I couldn't find it anywhere.

This entire thing is completely disgusting, especially given how much looting has hit the area.  It's also so absolutely shallow that I can't help but want to see more of her.

I can't wait for the emotional apology.  That's going to be the best.


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