LeBron “King Flopper” James Says He Would Have Made the Cowboys or Seahawks Had He Accepted Workout Offers

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SJ - February 16, 2021

Back in 2011, during the NBA's lockout, LeBron James received invitations to tryout from two NFL teams, the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks.

According to LeBron, had he accepted the invites he would have made the team.  I have my doubts, but here is the wannabe GOAT talking about it.

From The Athletic:

“One thing about it, I don’t mind working for something, so if I would have had to try out for the Cowboys or the Seahawks, or if I’d have stayed home and went back home to Cleveland, I’d have tried [out], but I would have made the team. I just know what I’m capable of doing on the football field. Especially at that age.”

One thing is for sure LeBron's a freak athlete.  But he's also one of the biggest floppers to ever set foot on a basketball court.

How could he possibly take a hit on a football field without rolling around all over the field faking multiple injuries?  I don't see him making it through a football season.


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