Le’Veon Bell and Patrick Mahomes Followed Each Other on Twitter

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SJ - October 14, 2020

The Jets decision to release running back Le'Veon Bell on Tuesday night came as a bit of a surprise.  Not that they would part ways, that seemed inevitable, but because of the way it went down.

Nobody expects Bell, even with his flaws, to be a free agent for long.  ESPN's Jeremy Fowler got the ball rolling on a Bell to the Chiefs rumor.

Then Bell and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes followed each other on Twitter.  That cranked up the Bell to the Chiefs buzz a couple of notches.

That either means they're going to start dating or they're discussing a possible future for Bell in Kansas City.

Given that Mahomes has a pregnant fiancee at home, I'm going to guess they're talking through teaming up.  The overreaction on Twitter supports that as well.

The one thing that is for certain from the whole situation is that the Jets flushed a shitload of money down the drain.


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