Lou Williams’ Girlfriend Rece Mitchell Turned Heads Dancing in the Family Section

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SJ - September 12, 2020

Game 5 of the Clippers and Nuggets series was a wild one.  Nothing grabbed social media's attention like the women dancing in Los Angeles' family section.

With just over a minute left in the third quarter the Clippers took a 17 point lead on a Kawhi Leonard three pointer.  The camera showed the Clippers family section and spotted a few women dancing.

One of those women, the one in the light blue outfit, caught the eye of social media.  She was quickly identified as Lou Williams' girlfriend and baby momma, Rece Mitchell.

Somehow the Clippers ended up blowing the 17 point lead and lost game 111-105.  From the looks of it, win or lose Lou Williams is going to be just fine.