McKayla Maroney is Still Getting Her “Booty Pump” On

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SJ - October 10, 2020

McKayla Maroney seems to be back on one of her social media breaks.  She hasn't posted anything to her accounts since the end of August.

Despite the social media break, a video of the gold medal winner did find its way onto the internet.

The video of her getting her "booty pump" on was either posted to her Instagram Story or it resurfaced from before her most recent break.

Either way the six second video is likely the best thing you're going to see all day today.


Taking breaks from social media is probably really good for your mental health, not that I'm ever going to know.  But if it helps McKayla, I'm all for it.

When she does return to her regularly scheduled social media activities she usually brings a little extra fire with her.


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