Melvin Gordon Took a Huge Shot to the Dick in a Failed Attempt to Hurdle a Defender

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SJ - October 2, 2020

You have to time the hurdle of a defender perfectly.  If you don't, you could be taking a helmet or a shoulder to the dick.

Just ask Broncos running back Melvin Gordon.  He mistimed his hurdle and gave the Jets defender enough time to readjust hit tackle.

The result was a launched shoulder to the dick.  Needless to say, Gordon was a little slow getting up.  He would return to the game.

You better believe Gordon was in the ice bath last night putting a little extra attention on his boys.  You better also believe he'll be rethinking hurdling defenders.

He may have survived this one, but you don't want your season to be ended because of blown out testicles.


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