MLB Insider Jon Heyman Slid Into a College Kid’s DMs and Told Him to Go “Fuck” Himself

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SJ - August 3, 2020

MLB insider Jon Heyman slid into a college student's DMs multiple times after the kid criticized him on Twitter.  Once in the DMs he pulled an Adrian Wojnarowski and told the kid to go "fuck" himself.

Apparently the kid has a history of criticizing reporters on Twitter and they have a history of going after him.

Heyman followed up his first DM by telling the kid to seek help.  He then passed along a couple of other messages from other reporters that also aren't fans of the kid.

Heyman might be a Big J, but he's got paper thin skin.  He's not alone either.  I'd love to know who the other two reporters are that can't take a college kid's criticism on social media.