MLB Umpire Joe West Doesn’t Believe the Amount of Deaths from COVID-19 Being Reported is Accurate

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SJ - July 8, 2020

Joe West started umpiring MLB games back in 1976 and he isn't letting the coronavirus pandemic slow him down.  He is planning to work the MLB's shortened season despite the fact that he's a walking high risk to develop serious complications from COVID-19.

West also could opt out and still receive his full salary.  He has decided to work the season because he doesn't believe that all of the deaths being reported have been from coronavirus.

Nothing like a crazy old man who's bad at his job refusing to take time off when everything says he should.

This is how important Joe West thinks he is.  He's 67 and he's gigantic.  By every measure he's high risk.

But he's too important to the game to sit this one out.  Go ahead and take 2020 off Joe, baseball and its shrinking fan base won't miss you or your terrible calls at all.

Let us hate someone else this season.


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