NASCAR is Sending Driver Hailie Deegan to Sensitivity Training

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SJ - January 13, 2021

NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan's first year as a full-time driver isn't off to a great start.  The 19-year-old Truck Series driver used the r-word during a virtual race on Sunday.

Hailie apologized for her use of the word following the virtual race.  She'll now have to complete sensitivity training prior to the start of the 2021 season in February.

From FOX News:

NASCAR is sending driver Hailie Deegan to sensitivity training following her use of a slur during an online simulation race on Sunday.

Deegan was heard saying "This is fun. Oh, ay, who’s the r----d behind me? Don’t do that please," while streaming the iRacing event on Twitch.

It was an unfortunate choice of words for Hailie, but I highly doubt it will define her.  She's young, she made a mistake.  I expect to hear good things about her this year on the track.