Neymar Denies Claims He Flew Models Out to Brazil for a New Year’s Eve Party Dubbed “Neymarpalooza”

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SJ - December 31, 2020

Models from around the world are said to have received an invitation to Brazil from Neymar for a New Year's Eve party that has been dubbed "Neymarpalooza."  Among the models said to have traveled to the five day event are Miami's Kiki Passo, Michelle Nevius and Jessica Bartlett.

Despite the event being called "Neymarpalooza," and reportedly being held at his rented mansion, the soccer star, through his lawyer, has denied any involvement with it.

From The Sun:

Neymar's £6milion rented mansion in Rio de Janeiro has been linked with the controversial party as models post glamorous photos on Instagram with messages like: "Let's go by jet to end the year with glamour."

Critics claim the private jamboree for 150 people, reportedly costing around £568,000, is poorly judged as Brazil is one of the nations hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, and millions live in poverty.

But after Agencia Fabrica confirmed the celebration at the Costa Verde venue, Neymar's lawyers told AFP: "It's a matter for the agency and it has nothing to do with Neymar.

"We have no information about such an event."

I don't know about you, but pandemic or not, Neymarpalooza sounds like a great time.  It sounds like party Hugh Hefner would be proud of, rest his horny soul.

I know we're not allowed to have fun anymore, even if we accept the risks associated with such fun, but we can't sit at home for the rest of our lives.

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