Nick Saban Confirms He Tells “Deez Nuts” Jokes

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SJ - August 20, 2020

Former Alabama football players Josh Jacobs and Tua Tagovailoa revealed that head coach Nick Saban is a big "deez nuts" joke guy.  During his appearance on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday, Dan Patrick decided to ask Saban about it.

Much to the joy of Dan and his staff, Saban confirmed it.  He said that he likes to have fun with his players, mostly on the offensive side of the ball.

"I like to have fun with the players.  I think it’s probably good that they see you every now and then in a little bit different light.  Since I’m a defensive coach and I probably get on the defensive players a little bit more ferociously, it’s a little easier for me to be lighthearted with the offensive players."

Who would have guessed that Nick Saban was a deez nuts guy?  I love that he is, but nobody would have guessed this little angry man loved to tell deez nuts jokes from a decade ago.  It's poetry.