Nothing to See Here Just Jim Boeheim Eating His Boogers Again

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SJ - February 9, 2021

That's right, again!  This isn't the first time Jim Boeheim has been caught eating his boogers and if a pandemic isn't going to keep him from eating his boogers then nothing will.

Don't question the Syracuse head coach's ways.  He crushed boogers on his way to a 77-68 win over NC State on Tuesday.

Unconventional?  Some would say.  Not the smartest thing for a man in his mid-70s to be doing during a pandemic that is killing old people at a higher rate than anyone else?  Some would say.

But those boogers aren't going to eat themselves and those games aren't going to win themselves.  If you have to eat a few boogers for a dub, I say eat away.


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