Ozzie Guillen Hates Nick Swisher With All of His Heart

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SJ - August 6, 2020

Former White Sox player and manager Ozzie Guillen was asked after Chicago's game on Wednesday night who he disliked more, Nick Swisher or Carlos Gomez.  Without hesitation he said Nick Swisher.

Guillen managed Swisher for one season with the White Sox in 2008 and it was one season too long according to NBC Sports Chicago studio analyst.  He admitted that the hate was mutual before trashing the former MLBer.

"Oh my God, nobody can compare that with Nick Swisher.  I hate Nick Swisher with my heart.  I think he hates me back, there’s nothing wrong with that."

"I never talked to him, I was managing him, but I don’t like the way his attitude was all fake.  And I don’t like fake people."

That's some real hate right there.  My guess is that Guillen has a lengthy list of people he isn't a fan of and Swisher just hapens to be on the top of that list.

Swisher seems like a likable guy, but I can definitely see his high energy rubbing some people the wrong way.