Paige VanZant Crushes the “Buss It” Challenge

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SJ - February 23, 2021

Paige VanZant isn't known to be a trendsetter, but she is known to crush those trends once she eventually gives them a try.  Those trends include a subscription based adult themed website and various TikTok challenges.

The mixed martial arts star just got in on the "Buss It" challenge.  After throwing a few punches in the air she crushes the popular social media trend.


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I keep saying, and I know Paige doesn't like it, but why keep fighting?  Sure it's what she loves to do, I get that.  But the reality is that it gave her a platform and paved the way to the next chapter.

The fight game passes everyone by.  After the loss in her Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut it might have already passed her by.


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