Patrick Mahomes Appears to Have Landed a Beer Sponsorship

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SJ - July 10, 2020

The rich get richer...

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is going to have some incredible checks flying into his bank account.  His new half a billion dollar deal doesn't appear to be his only new payday.

Mahomes appears to have a Coors Light sponsorship deal as well.  He smashed the beer while celebrating the Chiefs Super Bowl victory and was seen with a can in his hand earlier this summer.

Now he's got a shirt on and is sending out Coors Light tweets as gets ready to chill this weekend at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course for a celebrity golf tournament.

Life is good for the 24-year-old right now.  His career is just getting started and he's already been the MVP and won a Super Bowl.

Now he's the first half a billion dollar athlete (from a contract with a team) and he's going to have a lifetime supply of Coors Light to celebrate with.

All of this during a pandemic.  Incredible.


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