Patrick Mahomes Completed an Incredible Behind the Back Pass

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SJ - July 19, 2020

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has done just about everything in the NFL.  He's been named the league's MVP, won a Super Bowl, landed an insane new contract and even completed a pass with his lefthand.

But he hasn't completed a behind the back pass in a game, not yet anyway.  A video of Mahomes working on the incredibly difficult pass surfaced on Saturday.

Mahomes being the athletic freak that he is completed the pass with ease.  All he has to do now is complete one in a game.


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Mahomes getting the behind-the-back pass ready for Sundays 👀 (via @prestonsmithphotography)

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The crazy thing is Mahomes is just getting started.

Hopefully the Chiefs don't waste the opportunity to win multiple Super Bowls like the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers.

Not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy watching Rodgers have his career slowly flushed down the toilet.  It was fun.