Patrick Mahomes Enjoying Some Boat and Beer Time With His Girlfriend Brittany Matthews

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SJ - June 11, 2020

Nothing to see here.  Just a Super Bowl MVP and his fitness model girlfriend enjoying some boat and beer time.

That's right, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes doesn't need to hit the gym 24 hours a day to be ready for the upcoming season.  He just needs a few at home workouts with his girlfriend Brittany Matthews and some 12oz curls on the open water.


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It might not be the best strategy for a guy preparing to defend his title, but Mahomes isn't most guys.  He's been doubted and passed up before.  All he did in response was put together one of the most incredible starts to a career in the history of the NFL.

Ask the Bears how well passing up on him worked out for them...

I love everything about this Instagram post.  A Super Bowl winner flexing on the rest of the league with his Coors and his girl rocking a bikini.  Expect another big year from your boy.


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